1 Liter Oak Barrel is a nice addition to the vintage house of the passionate dabbler as well as for the big chef’s cellar with numerous barrels of different sizes. Even though the cask is tiny, it is good for aging mellowing liquors, wines, vinegars, ciders, and of course, all sorts of the red wine. The black metal hoops not only differentiate this barrel from others, but make it really majestic. These hoops react to the humidity level and cool of the cask’s contents. Apparently, hoops will save your drink from the evaporation, so that you and your family could relax in your living room and enjoyed sipping the wine in the biggest amounts possible.

The undebatable advantage of this small barrel is the speed of maturing: instead of keeping the drink in the barrel for six months or a year, you will have an artfully coopered alcoholic drink within a couple of months. Made of the White Oak, which is the most popular sort of oak for casks, your drink will suck in the best aroma of the tree and get rid of the undesirable taste qualities. What did I mean by “aroma of the tree”? The thing of it is that oxidation, the process, which takes place in the wooden barrel, makes the exchange between air, oak barrels, and its contents possible. For example, American Oak (another name for the White Oak) gives whine its woody strong flavor and cocoa and vanilla notes, whilst wine or liquor will give away their watery and irony taste. How does air interact? Heat turns drink, especially wine, into the vapor; thus you should remember, that after every taste check of wine (which is ought to be every week), you have to feel the barrel with the already matured wine, in order to keep the amount of drink the same. By the way, Scotch call the vapor an “angel’s share”. Coopers say that angel’s share is the price that angels take for the production of the great alcoholic drink. Well, angels also should have a chance to enjoy the wonderful taste, don’t you think so?

Most of my previous examples are associated with wine. However, you can make whiskey after you used the cask at least once. The first thing to do will be filling the cask with water – you definitely don’t want your whisky to dehydrate the barrel. Dehydration will cause unfixable damage or will simply ruin the cask. Once barrel is sealed, fill it with your unaged whiskey. Don’t forget to leave 750 ml to the top (adding 750 ml on every liter of the cask; for example, in two liter barrel you have to leave 150 ml to the top) to prevent the evaporation. And finally, you can start aging your whiskey. However, you have to be careful in your calculations, because over aged whiskey evaporates. I doubt that you want to share with angels the half of the drink=)

Hopefully, this little article helped you to get the idea of what this barrel can be used for and how to take care of it properly. Quality and money return are guaranteed. Enjoy your purchase and make a good use of it!


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Special Edition 1L


For the pro chef or passionate dabbler, our smaller sized specialty barrels are perfect for aging and mellowing liquors and wines or  special vinegars or artisanal ciders from the convenience of your own home. Each oak barrel is solidly built and artfully coopered and comes with stainless hoops. Enjoy our oak barrels around your relaxed get-togethers or for serving from before a cozy fire. We provide engraving service!!!

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