Many people think that an oak barrel – is an easy-to-use container bay in which the alcohol-containing liquid get something incredibly delicious. In general, it is true, but for fragrant drink, admirable, pre-prepared oak barrels necessary for the most effective and long-term use.
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Any wooden utensils intended for preservation of useful properties of nature’s gifts. It is our task to use the full potential of cooperage products, which requires a lot of patience, and properly prepare them.
New oak barrels for aging wine , every other drink should part with tannic acids , coarse tannin , salts , harmful bacteria to do this:


Step 1: Barrel needs to be steamed. Put boiling water inside (1/3 part), close and ride it side to side around 1 hour.

Then, water needs to be poured and you need to repeat the procedure once again.

Step 2: Once barrel is cool again, fulfil it completely with cold water. Water should be changed every 3-4 days.

The process may take 3-4 weeks until it stops leaking completely.

Step 3: Once the leaking is stopped, leave it for another 2 days with new cold water before you start the washing process.

Step 4: In order to wash it properly you need to fulfil 1/3 of the barrel with cold water mixed with baking soda

(20 gr per 1 litre). Ride it side to side for an hour.

Remove this soda-water and rinse your barrel with cold water until it’s cleaned.

Step 5: Repeat again the Step 1 but only once. Once barrel is cool, pls fulfil it with vine right away.

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