Barrel Info

Tips barrel selection

When choosing containers for storage and fermentation of wines from other products, you need to evaluate their merits .

In favor of wooden barrels by the following facts.

Only wooden barrels can provide a unique appearance and taste the flavor of wine that are saturated with different substances , including lignine tannic components contained in the wood. So drink turns a little bitter but soft taste .

Quality wine will only provided that all requirements for the preparation of : drink should be stored at a certain temperature , with varying degrees of interaction with the environment. Barrels are able to maintain the original temperature without its significant fluctuations , they protect the drink from the penetration of sunlight. The air that still will penetrate into the container , only contributes to the process of fermentation.

The benefits of wine , cooked in barrels , it is difficult to overestimate. As part of the beverage , as mentioned above , contains tannins – a natural antioxidant , has a positive effect on human health , and even then adds years of life to him .

The porous structure of the tree yeast feel best result thus fermentation will be much better than in other vessels.

After these advantages to any winemaker will be difficult to refuse a tempting offer – purchase wooden barrels . But remember , for any capacity need proper care .

True , correct , high-quality barrels are made by hand by masters Cooperage . For the manufacture of barrels they use only natural materials . The best casks made ​​of oak , and , since this material gives a unique flavor , taste, and even the color of the products that are stored in it .

Conscientious manufacturers are not using screws, glue and other synthetic substances during the manufacture of barrels . No other material can not be compared with a tree on the ecology and minerals .

And do not skimp on quality cooperage.

Production Technology

Selection wood for manufacture our barrels used ecologically clean oak, which has a high density of wood. Sampled grained logs that are cut into peeler logs , equal to the length of the dowel with allowance for trimming .

Rivets making

The first stage of rivets manufacturing – this splitting oak peeler logs. They are split into sectors, which are then are cut themselves dowel – blanks, which are subsequently assembled barrels. Riveting made so called chopped radially and has better characteristics as compared with the sawn.

Drying finished dowel for at least 24 months stored outdoors under a canopy. This process minimizes subsequent deformation of the finished barrel, eliminates warping, cracking, shrinkage, rotting is eliminated, handling is facilitated. The result of this process – high-quality riveting.

Work Cooper

In the production of barrels of our masters , coopers and industrial uses , and traditional – manual manufacturing techniques . Depending on the purpose and scope of the barrels , klŃ‘pku for them are made by hand or using special equipment , which allows for good and stable quality to make more of rivets . Such a combination of industrial and traditional technologies in the production of barrels distinguishes them on price and quality .

Hydrothermal treatment

Build skeletons barrels of rivets carried out manually. In order to soften the fibers , producing preheating with moisture that avoids breaking rivets when bending

The main firing

The assembled skeleton of the barrel is placed on the grill to warm up over an open fire for 45 minutes, which helps to relieve the internal stress of wood and fixing rivets form . The duration and intensity of this process influences the aroma and flavor of stored in a barrel of wine and brandy . Finishing .

After installing the bottoms of barrels barking surface and impregnated with hot beeswax , which increases battery life and gives them a special color.