Forever ago, people used wood as one of the basic materials for the arrangement of living conditions and life in different areas. Our ancestors used utensils exclusively from natural materials for eating. The most valuable is oak because of its unusual properties, and it is the most widely used even today.

Products made of oak, especially in coopering art, have been highly valued for centuries. Artisans passed their skills in work with wood from generation to generation. Now scientific progress offers an alternative to wood products, making it possible to use in manufacture of: metal, glass, plastic and so on. However, there is an area of ​​human activity, where it is not possible to avoid oak wood to obtain a high quality product.

First of all, this is in reference to winemaking. Of course, if a flavor and the end result of your drink are not important, you can use plastic barrels. BUT! If you still esteem your status and output of your work – choose American oak barrels. None production of high-quality non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks (wine, brandy, whiskey, etc.) cannot do without use of oak barrels of high-quality and natural materials.

Choosing oak barrels with the volume of 150 liters, you choose a container that is generally intended for the production and storage of wines, cognacs, brandies and other drinks for the long term.

Getting into an oak barrel, juice coopts all unique properties of oak wood:

  1. The wall sides of oak barrels keep the initial temperature of the future drink, constraining influence of external temperature fluctuations.
  2. Oak wood protects the juice from contact with the sun’s rays that are harmful for the quality of the product.
  3. Natural and porous structure of oak barrels lets pass the sufficient amount of air, necessary for wine fermentation process.

Besides winemaking, oak barrels with the volume of 150 liters are widely used in cooking of production size: pickles and honey as well as baths.

Choosing an oak barrel, you must pay attention to product quality. Our American barrels have been toasted on an open fire that increased the strength of the barrel walls, and gave the fragrant notes of vanilla and freshly baked bread. This fragrant bouquet will fill your future drink, giving it a special elegance and color.


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Set of Oak barrels 2x3L


For the pro chef or passionate dabbler, our smaller sized specialty barrels are perfect for aging and mellowing liquors and wines or  special vinegars or artisanal ciders from the convenience of your own home. Each oak barrel is solidly built and artfully coopered and comes with your choice of rustic black, galvanized or brass hoops. Enjoy our oak barrels around your relaxed get-togethers or for serving from before a cozy fire.

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