The tradition to use oak barrels for self-sufficient drink production by fermenting came to today’s world from ancient times. To the present day, winemakers use stored knowledge, renovating them under the modern needs of drink connoisseurs.

When the conversation drifts to good wine, brandy or whiskey, some people imagine alcoholic drink poured into expensive glass bottles, and some people think about a cellar, where wooden barrels are in cozy and, most importantly, right conditions. They are waiting for their time to pleasure coopers by good taste and aroma of the drink.

Oak barrels with the volume of 20 liters are perfect for storing drinks for a long time. High-quality oak barrel is a “birthplace” for alcoholic or low-alcoholic drinks: wine, whiskey, brandy, herbal infusion, brandy, etc. Exactly a wooden barrel gives a new flavor and aroma of drink, having aged for a long time.

Unique features of oak point it out of the other types of wood. This appreciation awarded the oak due to the high quality of produced drinks. Therefore, when producing elite alcoholic drinks, oak barrel becomes an essential accessory.

Oak wood provides ideal chemical and physical processes at the stage of ripening drinks. Wood components saturate the wine with flavor and aroma, also effecting the color and ripening of the drink. Thus winemakers remember that different types of alcoholic drinks require an individual approach of the infusion, and therefore there will be different requirements to oak barrels.

– Save the initial temperature of producing inside drink during the whole time of ageing;

– Protection from the sun’s rays and a variety of bacteria;

– Right amount of air access into the barrel to provide a fermentation process.

The above mentioned information points on use of wooden barrels in wine industry, so any winemaker must remember about important details that will bring him success and recognition that quality oak barrel is the success of good wine.

Our oak barrels are made exclusively from natural materials, so we guarantee the quality of our product. No one material can be compared with oak for durability and positive effect on wine, brandy or any other drink.

Choose European oak barrels and enjoy the final result!


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Oak barrel 20L


For the pro chef or passionate dabbler, our smaller sized specialty barrels are perfect for aging and mellowing liquors and wines or  special vinegars or artisanal ciders from the convenience of your own home. Each oak barrel is solidly built and artfully coopered and comes with stainless hoops. Enjoy our oak barrels around your relaxed get-togethers or for serving from before a cozy fire. We provide engraving service!

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