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Pickle Oak barrel 100L

Price: $380.00

Make a statement with our stainless hooped French oak barrels. Even though smaller than their larger cousins, our specialty oak barrels are the real thing and will be right at home in your kitchen or bar.

Product Description

Pickle just about anything… with The Amazing Pickle Barrel 100L, the worlds first and only barrel aged pickling kit. Yes… a personal sized pickle barrel for perfecting the perfect pickle. (Say the 3 times fast) This old fashioned style barrel is handmade from carefully selected French oak and lightly toasted to bring out the inherant flavors of the wood. These flavors, along with the spices used in your pickle recipe will likely create the best pickle you have ever tasted.

Additional Information

Weight28.5 kg
Dimensions58 x 58 x 65 cm


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